• "Since 2013 Martina Mráčková has greatly professionalized all the HR processes that until then functioned more as a habitual law and implemented new ones - onboarding process, development of employees, annual evaluation system and a methodology of teaching languages. She implemented competency model and a system of positions in the company. I appreciate that the functional processes have moved us higher and further. Martina Mráčková provides consultancy in difficult situations, coaches and develops key people in the company and runs workshops and trainings of soft skills and NLP - Management Skills, Neuro Presentation, Neuro Stress Management, Mentoring training and communication training. "

Ing. Ivo Kožnar
Managing Director
LHMS spol. s r.o.



  • "We have cooperated with Martina Mráčková since 2013, she had implemented and improved a number of systematic HR processes in our company from recruitment, onboarding and development to employee evaluation. Among other things she implemented the methodology of teaching languages, which is now systematic and goal-oriented, the results and progress of employees can now be measured. Martina Mráčková has implemented and led Trainee and mentoring programs to work with students and graduates in difficult IT labor market environments that ensure long-term cooperation with talent and motivation. Since 2014 Mrs. Mráčková has been training mentors and a management team where we can see a big shift in their thinking. New employees appreciate a highly professional level of management work during onboarding process that they have not met in many of their previous employers. I very appreciate structured adaptation plans that ensure fast employee integration in a new environment. We also value Mrs. Mráčková´s work on an individual level in consulting, mentoring and coaching of our key employees.”

Mgr. Michaela Srnková, MBA
Managing Director
Baader Computer



  • "I have been cooperating with Mrs. Mráčková for more than a year and our work really helped me not only from the managerial point of view but also from the point of view of my personal development. I learned how to calm myself before and during presentation. I learned how to handle difficult situations and get rid of stress, for example while giving negative feedback to my team member or presenting unpopular decisions in the team. Overall I feel confident and balanced thanks to the training, coaching and techniques that Mrs. Mráčková has taught me to use in everyday life. I believe that if one has the motivation and the right coach to lead them, their life can be much happier and easier. "

Silvie Vanková
Team leader of ŠKODA AUTO Communication Centre

Services delivered: Neuro Business Coaching, Neuro recruitment and adaption of new team members, Mentoring, Neuro Stress Management training, Neuro Presentation training



  • In my team there are various types of personalities and that also means various requirements for their skills and abilities. I am very busy and the great help that our cooperation with Martina brings to me is that she eases my managerial work. I save time and can dedicate it to business. Martina asks smart questions and quickly gets all information for recruiting and onboarding proces. I always gain quality information from her consulting work. She helps me to develop my team, solve difficult situations and encourage constructive feedback within my team so that we can continuously develop. 

Miroslav Cimr
Business Director
LHMS, vendor of ŠKODA AUTO

Services delivered: Neuro recruitment, Adaption of new employees, Neuro Business Coaching,Facilitation of workshops, Mentoring, Soft skills trainings, NLP business skills trainings